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Working with Clarissa

Clarissa Farr

Clarissa is an internationally renowned speaker, writer and consultant on effective education. With more than twenty years’ leadership experience at the top of the UK independent education sector, she has coached and mentored leaders and educational decision-makers throughout the UK and on four continents.

Recent speaking engagements include a presentation to governing boards and school leaders in Dubai hosted by RSAcademics, an evening event organized by leading search firm Wilton&Bain on collaborative attitudes to parenting in the workplace, and an on-stage discussion at Fenwick, Bond Street with Helena Morrissey on attitudes to women in leadership. Clarissa also gives talks within a wide variety of club and society speaker programmes such as the Hurlingham Club and as part of diversity training initiatives in the financial industry and other businesses. Listen to her talk to business leaders on developing the new generation of women in leadership with Hanover.

As a consultant, mentor and coach Clarissa has worked with aspiring leaders and chairs of boards at all levels. Based on her own experience, she believes that the right coaching relationship provides the most powerful and enduring professional development that any leader can have. In an uncertain world, the clarity and confidence that coaching provides have never been more important.

Working together: a coaching partnership


    • Diagnostic appraisal
    • Individual coaching for Directors and Heads
    • Individual and group coaching for senior leaders and those aspiring to headship
    • Advice for governing boards managing a leadership transition

    Clarissa Farr Consulting Limited works in partnership with school development professionals RSAcademics to build and develop leadership capability in today’s and tomorrow’s school leaders.

    RSAcademics is renowned for its work in identifying the best leadership talent. The company’s trusted experts now manage a high proportion of new senior appointments, across the UK independent sector and its international practice is rapidly expanding.

    The appointment of excellent people is only the start. Boards serious about performance and growth invest in developing and strengthening their leadership teams, whose challenges change all the time. They know that long term, this is the single most cost-effective way of maximising the school’s performance overall.

    As a qualified coach, Clarissa heads a small team of experts who drive that powerful continuing development, providing bespoke appraisal and coaching, for individuals and teams, across the UK and internationally.

     Clarissa says this:

    Being a head is one of the most complex leadership roles there is. Research shows that highly successful business leaders could learn from heads, who typically use a wider range of leadership styles, contributing directly to the performance of their staff. Headship has always been stretching - how much greater is that challenge now?

    Explore before committing with a conversation on Zoom or Teams. We look forward to talking to you.

    “Change occurs when you become who you are, rather than when you try to become who you are not.”
    John Leary-Joyce The Fertile Void


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