The Making of Us

The Making Of Us: Why School Matters

Published on 6 August in paperback, The Making of Us: Why School Matters reveals how in a post Covid world, the communities that are schools will be ever more important....

In The Making of Us, Clarissa Farr shares the wealth of her extensive experience to explore key questions facing parents, teachers, business leaders and managers everywhere.

What contributes to the success of women? How can we inspire confidence and nurture excellence in children - girls especially - that will equip them for adult life? Drawing on her time as high mistress of St Paul's Girls' School, one of the most successful schools of the country, Clarissa reflects on her experience of working as a key figure in the UK's education system.

From the pressures of the staff room and results day, to the isolation of leading as a headmistress, In The Making of Us helps us understand the real challenges facing children and educators in the UK, but also points to what needs to change. Making the case for agile, flexible leadership, Clarissa highlights the importance of giving others space to take the limelight and grow in confidence. Finding the balance between structure and spontaneity enables children and teachers alike to grow and flourish in their own way. Most importantly, all children need the expertise of teachers to mentor, coach, guide and encourage them, regardless of their background.

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