Harper Collins has recently launched an exciting podcast series called Ideas Matter.

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Clarissa also was featured on the Designed For Wellbeing Podcast

Clarissa is an expert in education and leadership, and a passionate advocate for girls and women. In this episode she talks about how buildings affect children and why schools matter. Clarissa has coached and mentored educators and educational decision-makers throughout the UK and internationally, and led St Paul's, one of the UK’s highest achieving schools. We talk about how buildings can inspire children and teachers alike, creating better education results, happier children and more effective schools. We discuss how the physical environment and culture of the institution can balance the demands of high achievement with health and wellbeing.

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Hanover was delighted to be joined by Clarissa Farr for our second in a three-part series of events running in September 2020 focused on Culture, Diversity and Inclusion. Clarissa’s presentation was on ‘Attracting and retaining the next generation of women leaders’. She covered a whole host of related topics including what young women are looking for, what attracts them to firms, their self-awareness and influencers. The gender pay gap, maternity/paternity leave and the impact of COVID were also raised. Clarissa summarised the event as “find talent by looking in the right places well ahead of time and start the conversations early”.

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